How valuable is our Imperfect Foods Delivery service?

Imperfect Foods, by its own self-proclamation, is on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. Basically, they work with farmers to negotiate lower prices for foods that restaurants and grocery stores would pass on because of their small or lack of uniform appearance. 

They have donation partners and a charity fund to aid in the fight against food waste. Additionally, their “Reduced Box Program” offers subscribers 33% off their weekly boxes if they qualify for SNAP benefits. I love the passion and inclusion of Imperfect Foods!

After seeing many advertisements and being persuaded in some of my fitness and cooking groups, I decided to see if I was in a delivery zone. 

I have been a subscriber since about the beginning of 2020. While I do have an Amazon Prime account, I tended not to be a heavy, online shopper and wait for the delivery to arrive type of person. I am not an impulse shopper, so when I decide to buy something, I prefer to physically walk away with it. I know I’m not alone 😏🤪

Imperfect Foods has been a great solution for me. I have increased my order size since quarantine. I have discovered new products and brands. 


I love that:

  • Each week is customizable,
  • Delivery has been pretty consistent, even through COVID
  • Everything is farm fresh
  • They offer a range of pantry, organic and plant-based products
  • The bulk of my weekly necessities are delivered instead of standing in lines and lugging groceries home
  • I have tried a number of new veggies that I had never heard of
  • You get a weekly recount of what you’ve order + what they couldn’t fulfill 

Confirming DeliveryNot coming

The list of benefits is so worth it and even more valuable as we triumph through COVID 19 waters. My weekly bill ranges from $15-$50 for a family of 4. Honestly, I don’t finish all of the prior week's foods before the current week's box arrives. 

Use our code for $10 off your first order of your Imperfect Box: click hereLet us know what you think about your box and Imperfect experience ❤️

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