Make COVID 19 quarantine a little better with these fitness tips!

Undoubtedly, the COVID19 pandemic response has changed all of our normal routines. Gyms, schools, retail stores, restaurants, entire cities throughout the country have closed and placed health restrictions. 

As an avid gymgoer, COVID19 stay at home orders threatened to derail my hard-earned progress. To stay on track, here are some things I did:

  • Downloaded the Headspace app - If you have been unemployed due to the pandemic, Headspace has generously offered a 1-year subscription. 
  • Downloaded the Peloton app - At the onset of the stay at home orders, Peloton bike and treadmill orders skyrocketed. Not only do they provide phenomenal at home cycle classes, but they also have varied strength training, outdoor running, yoga, cardio, and meditation classes. The instructors are tough. Peloton is offering 90 days free app access, no bike required! I also joined a could of Pelo themed FB groups for some extra support. 
  • Bought this book on Chakras - New buzzword for many, this book was a moment to find clarity and balance my energy. I liked the way the author broke down what chakras are and why we should care. It was super enlightening and a great way to find peace during this chaotic time.  
  • Joined a Facebook group about houseplants. This group has been the calm in the storm. I can go for advice about plants and inspiration. I added 20 houseplants to my collection. Caring for my plant babies has helped me focus and given me a sense of responsibility. 
  • Downloaded the Lifesum app - Lifesum is a food tracking app. I started with the free trial and was convinced it would add value to my current life. Tracking my food quickly became a healthy obsession. The app tells me whether I am on track calorically but also comments on the quality of the food I am eating. Each week I am given a Lifescore and tips on how to improve. I especially loved the ability to choose meal plans right inside the app. 

With all these tools in place, it became super important to develop a daily routine. My routine has been to wake up at 6 AM so that I can have some quiet time before the kids wake up. Luckily, I live in San Diego where I can get outside year-round. I use my Pelo app to do a strength class, get an outdoor run in, make coffee, and start the day. 

Most days, I do an afternoon kid-friendly Pelo workout before lunch. I end the day with a Headspace meditation. I find that I sleep more soundly and it has really been calming to my mind. 

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